Sunday, July 11, 2010

Botanical Society’s Plant Sale raises $10,000 for Wilbur May Arboretum

. The Rancho San Rafael Botanical Society will donate $10,000 to Washoe County’s Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Garden thanks to the success of this year’s plant sale. Proceeds from the sale will be used to support general operations, capitol improvements, maintenance, supplies and seasonal employment at the arboretum.

“The absolutely glorious weather helped bring out a wonderful crowd of customers and every single plant was sold,” Plant Sale Chairperson Connie Douglas said. “We want to thank all the local garden-lovers who showed their support for the May Arboretum by shopping at the sale.”

Douglas said that much of the credit for this year’s successful sale goes to the many volunteers who supported the effort. More than 40 volunteers logged 475 hours to prepare for and work at the plant sale.

Many of the plants were grown and cared for by Society volunteers such as Carol and Howard Thomas, Susan Lester, Marilynn Clarke, Errett Fuchs, Marsha Ross and Janet Thelan. Others were donated by local nurseries including, Dry Creek Garden Company, The Garden Shop, and Lavender Ridge. Home Depot donated potting soil.

Local artist and Society member Nancy Peppin compiled the pre-sale plant catalog.

The Rancho San Rafael Botanical Society was created to support the Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Membership is open to any person, family or group interested in the arboretum and its collections. Society volunteers help out through a variety of activities from garden work to garden tours.
The Wilbur D. May Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a living museum and active educational resource, illustrating how plant life adapts and survives in the rugged climate between the Sierra Nevada and Great Basin. The Arboretum was created in 1982 with funding from the Wilbur D. May Foundation. The Arboretum enjoys continued support from the Wilbur D. May Foundation, members of the Rancho San Rafael Botanical Society and the community at large.

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